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Going to Colossalcon '09!

*copy-pastes from dA*

Cosplay Components -YN- by ~raimuchan on deviantART

So I'm going to Colossalcon tomorrow, and I'll be cosplaying as Madotsuki from Yume Nikki. Despite how easy I thought getting the clothes would be, it was actually a pain; my mom and I had to look through a lot of clothes before we found ones that fit! (Mom's just too patient with me, I feel sorry that she has to put up with all my geekiness!) We found the top first, and at the time I thought the V-neck was a little to low, but now I think it looks just fine. My mom found the purple skirt and knife (the only effect I'm bothered to do, ha ha *half-assed*) a few days ago, and she bought the shoes and the materials for the rectangle... square... thing on the shirt earlier today. I made it about an hour or so ago, and I managed not to do too bad on it (though it still sucks).

Heh, I actually tried to make my chair look presentable before taking the picture. My room's a mess, to put it lightly. All those cords on the floor might just hint at that... At least I have an excuse for the drawers, I can't close the stupid things a lot of the time. :|

So yeah, it's nothing stellar... But I tried? (Just wait until I put it all on, oh god.)
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