April 30th, 2009

[Clock Tower] Jennifer ♥ yaoi

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Meme stolen from nendoroids:

* Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc.
* Have your f-list guess your current favorite character from each item.

(I'm posting most of these by series, by the way.)

1. Metal Gear Solid -
2. Clock Tower -
3. Legend of Zelda -
4. Pokémon - (You could try either favorite human or Pokémon)
5. Mother -
6. Team Fortress 2 - (In this case, you could guess which class I use the most?)
7. Pop'n Music -
8. Super Smash Bros. (Again, you can try guessing who I use the most.)
9. Silent Hill -
10. Phoenix Wright -
11. Castlevania - (Lawl, I've only really played Symphony of the Night and Chronicles so this shouldn't be too hard.)
12. Watchmen - (Oh hey, something that isn't vidya!)
13. Haunting Ground - (Spoke too soon. Also this should be easy, since a) there's only a few characters and b) ... Uh, yeah. Um.)
14. School Days - (Lawl, I've never played the game or really watched the anime, just seen clips of both.)
15. Rozen Maiden - (... I've had the first season boxset of this since Christmas, and I still haven't gotten around to watching this yet. *FAILS* So this will be a pre-proper introduction guess unless I actually get around to watching it today.)
16. Excel Saga - (Oh jeez, I haven't seen this in ages. I'm desperate for things to use. XD;)
17. Street Fighter - (Haven't played these for ages either.)
18. Futurama -
19. Mario -
20. 4chan memes - (Haha, do these count?)

You'll get an honorable mention if you guess a second favorite/I-have-no-idea-where-to-place-them-but-they're-really-awesome-anyway character.

Man, it was hard coming up with 20 things. >: