February 10th, 2009

[Clock Tower] Jennifer ♥ yaoi

I talk about DCJ on here more than I do on DCJ.

Oh god, must write, must write, must write for English! Procrastinatiooooooon.

... Hmm... Valentine's Day is coming up. Maybe we can do something on Don't Cry Jennifer for it? O: Like, maybe the event could involve members signing up for it, then we pull random character names out of a hat and they can be all "LOL I'm paired with someone!" for a day, or something? Not much of a Valentine's person myself, but hey. Speaking of which, the "Let's play a game, [name]!" is gone; now it's just "Welcome Lime." Maybe the quote doesn't work anymore?

Jeez, and I thought I talked about Metal Gear a lot!
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