January 27th, 2009

[Metal Gear Solid] Otaro~n

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Sooo I downloaded Opera because Firefox won't open up and because Internet Explorer is... Internet Explorer. It's okay so far, but I miss having Firefox point out that, hey, my spelling sucks. I sent a crash report, so hopefully the problem can be fixed. I'm pretty sure that a site I was looking at caused the crash, and since I had it so that Firefox opens up the sites I was on the last time I used it every time I start it... Uh-oh.

Anyway, it's a snow day! And I haven't gotten any work done yet! Yaaay.

Oh yeah, and I started replaying MGS4 a few days ago. I'm playing on The Boss Extreme, and I keep having to restart because I keep getting seen, and I want to beat it without any continues, alert phases, kills or stuff like that. Since I'm only at the Advent Palace... Um, crap.